Madera Verde Cup

The 2006 ‘Madera Verde Conference’ that the Desert Springs Resort was to host as winner of the 2005 national prize for ‘Environmental Responsibility’, referred to in the NewsFlash, of the 19th April 2006, has now been postponed, possibly until later in this year or next.

Tee times originally reserved for the golf tournament have been released and are now available to members and visitors to book in the normal way.

The Professional’s Challenge Cup, also scheduled for Saturday 14th, will still be played as scheduled. This special tournament gives all-comers the chance to take on the Desert Springs Golf Professional’s in a better-ball Stableford format over the Indiana Course.

The professional pairing of Simon Coaker and Colin White were beaten by just 3 teams in 2005, but fully expect to achieve a ‘clean sheet’ this year and finish undefeated!

Take the challenge and enter now!

For further information contact: Golf Reception   
Tel: +34 637 861 591