Major Club Competitions

Dear Member / Property Owner,

The Competitions Committee announced within a Golf News published on 6th November 2008 its decision to select four of the more important Desert Springs Club events where the 17th hole would revert back to its intended par 4 format, played from the original tee complex.

It was agreed by the Committee to review the post analysis of the players tee shot pattern recorded from a designated ball spotter during the President’s Cup held on 8th November 2008, to decide whether or not future selected and scheduled tournaments would be played with the 17th Hole played as a Par 4.

Accordingly a review was taken by the committee. The analysis showed that from the initial 26 tee shots played by the competitors that 27% of them had landed out of bounds, outside of the golfing boundary either side of the hole.

In light of this information and in the interests of safety, the Committee has agreed that further selected and scheduled tournaments for the 17th Hole to be played as a Par 4 revert back to play from the Par 3 Tee complex, until such a time as phase one of the scheduled remodelling work is completed to the satisfaction of the course designer and achieves its objectives.

The schedule of works includes the provision and establishment of further landscaping and trees requested by the golf course designer either side of the fairway approaching the green, creating a denser landscape and a more interesting hole, with the purpose of discouraging the player from attempting a shot that is likely to end up out of bounds.

The timescale for this has not been settled.



For further information contact: Competition Committee Members
Telephone: +34  655 411 673