Matriculated Golf Buggys

The Mancomunidad at Desert Springs has been working with Playas and Desert Springs for the last year or so compiling a short but comprehensive set of rules governing the use of private golf buggies on the Golf Course and the resort roads.

Whilst the roads at Desert Springs are owned by the Mancomunidad persons using these roads are still required to comply with the road traffic act of Spain. To this end, lights front and rear as well as a compliant braking system are required. It is also considered to be sensible for identification purposes, as well as for aesthetic reasons to have the buggies with a red bodywork; different to those rented by the Golf club. This is in order to avoid the situation that has arisen in other resorts in Spain where a vast assortment of buggy types and colors, some compliant and others not, are found. The vehicles identified as suitable for such purpose are:

Both suppliers have worked together with Desert Springs in the past and are looking forward to assisting Property Owners from Desert Springs Resort. This is the time to buy your ride!

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