Mediterranean Cooking

Our very demonstrative Executive Chef, Steve “El Maestro” Pegg, is offering Cooking Classes to be held in the Kitchen of the Crocodile Club, where he will share some culinary secrets of a strictly Mediterranean kind. Times are flexible to suit the interested party and the Chef’s schedule.

Here are some of the different dishes, typical of the local Almanzora Region, that Chef Pegg can show and help you to prepare:

Burnt Bottom Paella (The best there is!) & Sangria (With a twist!)
2 Cold Soups: Ajo Blanco (Almonds & Garlic) & Gazpacho (Tomato etc.)
2 Tapas: Ajo Colorado (Pepper Dip) & Empanadillas (Mini-Seafood pasties)
Pardo a la Roteña (Sea Bream a la Roteña)
Guiso de Garbanzos & Chorizo (Chick Pea & Chorizo Hotpot)
Migas (Garlic Wheat Crumb, Pork Scrunchy Bits & a Radish)*

*This is the dish that is prepared in the Hacienda Maintenance building out on the Golf Course, on the 28th December every year, for Owners, Staff & Local Villagers, and which is always an enormous success.

There is a limit to the number of students per class, so booking in advance is essential. Each class costs 30 €uros per person and you will be given the four essentials that all chefs need: an apron, a chef’s hat, a glass of wine (or two) and the ingredients. You will also be able to take your creation back home with you, which, of course, may or may not be a good thing!

For further information contact: Kristina "Scrunchy" Werner
Telephone: +00 34 618 609 978