Members Golf ‘Roll-Up’ dates

Dear Member,

To follow on from the recent Golf News announcement, with the intent to encourage renewed golfing participation over the next month, the on-site Club committee members have organised a ‘Roll-Up’ for each Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday to commence on Tuesday 19th May. The ‘Roll-Up’ is open to members only, with the format being decided by the ‘Roll-Up’ of the day organisers.

Tee-times: – Four (4) Tee times; 09.28hrs, 09.36hrs, 09.44hrs & 09.52hrs. have been pre-reserved for each ‘Roll-Up’. If there are more than sixteen (16) entrants then, subject to availability, more tee times will be reserved.

Each Roll-up will be organised by different Committee members and club members:
• Tuesday: – Richard Fuller and Ray Charles
• Thursday: – Chris Mear and John Haydon
• Saturday: – Patricia Deraedt and Paul Taylor

To assist with the control of required tee times for the ‘Roll-Up’, players that wish to play must register their name with the Golf Reception via email no later than 12.00hrs. two days preceding the ‘Roll-Up’. The ‘Roll-Up’ organisers will liaise with Golf Reception regarding participants.

The organisers of each ‘Roll-Up’ will draw the groupings and decide on the format for the day (in line with the COVID-19 Players Golf Protocol) and advise the Golf Reception the day preceding the ‘Roll Up ’before 12:00 hrs. to enable for them to confirm to the players their tee times by email.

These roll-ups are in place to help members gain maximum enjoyment from the Indiana course during the remaining period of the ‘SOA’, and we trust that you will stay safe and enjoy your golf.

For further information contact:

Golf Reception
+34 950 091 518