New Mural

On 17th July, Desert Springs will unveil 3 large ceramic murals located at the entrance to the Resort. All will be revealed from 21.00h and the unveiling will be presided over by the Mayor of Cuevas del Almanzora, D. Jesús Caicedo.

These murals have been created and hand-made by the well-known international Spanish artist, Julio Bono Peris, whose giant ceramic works adorn many large public buildings in Spain, such as Chamartin railway station in Madrid, and in as far flung locations as Sweden and Japan.

These murals, two of which measure seven metres by three metres, have been executed in high relief and are inspired by the landscapes of both the Desert Springs Resort and the municipality of Cuevas del Almanzora. The images, reflecting the strong links between the Resort and Cuevas del Almanzora, appear to show typical views of the municipality such as the town centre, the Almanzora river and the Marqués de los Vélez Castle.

However, on closer examination, they may also be seen as views of the Resort including the Las Sierras complex, the lake and the “Castillo of Desert Springs” (still under construction!).


Unveiling ceremony: 21.00 hours, 17th July, 2.008

Place: Valle de los Naranjos entrance to the Desert Springs Resort and Golf Club

Drinks and canapés service: Desert Springs property Owners, Club Members and Guests are invited to attend the unveiling ceremony and to the El Torrente Restaurant for complimentary drinks and canapés from 21.30h

For further information contact: Marimar Rodriguez
Telephone: +34 950 467 411