Owners Privilege Scheme

The Almanzora Group is extremely pleased to announce that since its launch of some exceptional offers on a select number of new properties, that within the last twelve months, a total of five (5) new properties; two Townhouses at Desert Springs Resort, one Townhouse at Playa Marqués Beach and two Townhouses at Villaricos Village respectively, have been purchased through the ‘Property Owners Referral Scheme’.


At the beginning of the this year The Almanzora Group launched a new offer on a select number of new properties at its developments available until 31st March with discounts of up to 68%.


This has now led to the sale of two new properties at Desert Springs Resort by existing homeowners who have elected to upgrade and take advantage of a number of positive benefits, namely;

  • The discounted prices currently available
  • The further 4% reduction from the current Sales Price they receive as a consequence of them being registered in the  ‘Property Owners Referral Scheme’
  • The dramatic change in the value of the exchange rate of the British Pound to Euro, presently at 1.35 – a seven year high!


The Almanzora Group Sales & Marketing Manager, Simon Coaker remarked:

“Over the years, many of those within the ‘Property Owners Referral Scheme’ have demonstrated their on-going trust, support and confidence by referring and introducing friends; colleagues or relatives who have become new home owners with us, helping the Desert Springs Resort, Villaricos Village and Playa Marqués developments grow with your kind of people.”

This scheme is “privileged and exclusive”, as it is only for Owners of Almanzora Bay properties at Desert Springs, Villaricos and Playa Marqués. To date a total of 133 owners have registered with the scheme.

In the event that a Present Property Owner is the first to introduce a Potential Future Property Owner, who goes on to purchase a property, a reward is paid to the Present Property Owner, who may decide to receive the whole reward or share it with the Future Property Owner by means of a reduction in the price of the new property.


  • The reward is 4% of the purchase price paid for the property, (excluding VAT & Extras)
  • You choose how the commission is paid; wholly to you and/or partly off the price of the new property.

“We are now beginning to see a number of our present homeowners decide that the time is now right for them to upgrade from their original new home purchase, to another.”


 A typical example of the savings that can presently be made are as below:

13 Desert Gold, three (3) Bedroom Pueblo Villa with a plot size of 607m2

List Price   €610,000
Discount   56.55%
Current Special Offer Sales Price   €265,000
Additional ‘Property Owners Referral Scheme’
4% reduction in Price
Sales Price   €254,400
Twelve months ago, with an exchange rate of GBP
to Euro at 1.20, €254,400 would have been worth
At todays exchange rate of GBP to Euro at 1.35 the
GBP value is
providing to the purchaser a further saving of   £23,556

An example of a stunning Pueblo Villa at Desert Springs Resort


“Given the success of the Owners Privilege Scheme, we continue to focus even more on referral by our existing homeowners, who contribute so much to our success and with those owners that are presently looking at options available for them to upgrade from the purchase of their original new home to another.”

For more details on the exceptional discounted offers on a select number of new properties available click here


For Your Use: To improve the opportunity for loyal owners, in the Privilege Scheme, to benefit from the reward commission, Playas del Almanzora SL in Spain, also provides a complimentary 3 night Inspection Visit, which Owners can offer to any genuine potential purchaser, providing they are first registered with, and qualified by, The Almanzora Group.  The visit includes accommodation, a tour of the area and the homes for sale, a round of golf and dinner one evening; flights are not included, but are refundable on contract.  

If you have not registered yet then don’t worry, it’s easy to join, simply click here and complete the quick and simple on-line reservation of your participation in the scheme and if you have a friend, family member or colleague who may be interested in purchasing then introduce them to us as soon as possible and as always, we will look after them with propriety and discretion.



For further information contact: The AlmanzoraGroup Ltd
Tel: +44 (0) 1242 680 116