Promotors in Almeria

High quality residential tourism, long term employment,  sensitivity to the environment, and an improving quality of life were the subjects of the recent  Open Day at Desert Springs, to which the principle guests invited were the vecinos of The Almanzora Bay Group, the promoter of “Desert Springs Resort y Club de Golf” and “Villaricos, Pueblo Pesquero”.

The Excelentisimo Alcalde de Cuevas del Almanzora, Don Jesús Caicedo, was delighted with the event and said,

“It is the first time that Desert Springs opens its doors to all local neighbours, so that they may make themselves more aware of the Complex, which is one of the most charming places in the province and which is situated in Cuevas del Almanzora.  Thanks to your novel initiative, for which I congratulate you, our citizens have made themselves more acquainted with all the services that you offer.  At Desert Springs various elements come together: sports, leisure and respect towards the environment.  For this last element you were presented an international award.  And today, all of those present can see, just by having a quick glance at the landscape, your way of working.  Our municipality has crossed frontiers, thanks to this Residential Complex which first opened in 2.001 and this is something that satisfies us considerably.  We are becoming known more and more.  The Town Hall of Cuevas has not stopped collaborating with and supporting Desert Springs since the first steps were taken to make it become a reality.  With time, it has grown into not just a national Complex, but an international one, which gives great pride to all of us who first believed in this project. Congratulations.”

The Almanzora Bay Group has very clear principles and ambitions for its developments in the conmarca, which are committed to:-

The Creation of High Value Residential Tourism

High value residential tourism creates a constant input of new money into the conmarca,which increases incomes for such varied commerce as groceries, markets, bars, restaurants, furniture, cars, cleaning, maintenance, lawyers, doctors, etc. This in turn creates very widespread local wealth, which belongs and stays in the conmarca.

The Creation of Long Term Direct & Indirect Employment. 

Almanzora Bay employs over 150 people in services other than construction and on average an additional 150 indirect jobs in construction.  There are an even larger number of jobs resulting with external suppliers of materials and services, both during and forever after construction. Almanzora Bay has over 600 accounts with suppliers and service companies of all kinds, almost all in the conmarca.

Sensitivity To and Enhancement Of The Natural & Built  Evironment

Almanzora Bay Group was recently awarded the Spanish national Madera Verde Trophy, for its outstanding achievements in environmental care and development, including  efficiency in use of water, dry climate landscape, cactus & succulent development and for the increase in native wildlife resulting from the creation of Desert Springs.    

Improvement in the Quality of Life for Local Residents and Visitors Alike.

The permanent increase in spending power repeatedly brought into the area, left here and spread amongst so many small businesses and individuals, by returning high quality residential tourism, as opposed to the cheaper hotel supported version and international industry supports a greater level of activities and services that are available to residents as well, thus improving their quality of life.

These values were demonstrated at the  “Ier  Día del Vecino” held  at Desert Springs for more than 150 vecinos from Cuevas del Almanzora, Villaricos, Palomares, and Vera..  Activities for, young and old, included golf classes, cactus gardening, wine & tapas tasting and a tour around the Resort.  Those present were given a photo souvenir to remind them of the excursion. 

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