Property Owners Referral Scheme


The Almanzora Group would like to say a special thank you to those 123 owners who to date have elected to join the ‘Property Owners Referral Scheme’. Over the years, many of those within the scheme have referred and introduced friends; colleagues or relatives who have become new purchasers with us, helping the resort and the village grow with your kind of people.

This scheme is “privileged and exclusive”, as it is only for Owners of Almanzora Bay properties at Desert Springs, Villaricos and Playa Marqués.

ln the event that a Present Property Owner is the first to introduce a Potential Future Property Owner, who goes on to purchase a property, a reward is paid to the Present Property Owner, who may decide to receive the whole reward or share it with the Future Property Owner by means of a reduction in price of the new property.


  • The reward will be 4% of the purchase price paid for the property, (excluding VAT & Extras)
  • You choose how commission is paid; wholly to you and/or partly off the price of the new property.


Award winning property developer The Almanzora Group, is now offering an exceptional offer on a select number of luxury two- bedroom, two-bathroom Colonial Townhouses which provides the buyer with more than €200,000 worth of discounts and incentives with the added benefit of the first three to reserve receiving €5,000 Cash Back.

For more details Click Here.

If you have not registered yet then don’t worry, it’s easy to join, simply click here and complete the quick and simple on-line reservation of your participation in the scheme and if you have a friend, family member or colleague who may be interested in purchasing then introduce them to us as soon as possible and as always, we will look after them with propriety and discretion.


For further information contact:  The Almanzora Group Ltd
Tel:  +44 (0) 1242 680 116