Release of Leaseback Properties

                  Release of Leaseback Villas at Desert Springs Resort

              Direct From The Developer


Award winning property developer The Almanzora Group, is now offering an exceptional ‘Leaseback’ offer on a select number of luxury three and four bedroom Villas at its Desert Gold development at Desert Springs Resort, Europe’s only international award-winning luxury family resort and championship desert golf course located in the Almeria region of Andalucía, south-east Spain.

Leaseback, is where the developer sells a property and leases it back from the owner for an agreed period; therefore, enabling the developer to continue to be able to have use of the property but no longer own it.

The Owner is beneficially entitled to the freehold of the property. The Owner establishes a right of use to the developer for a Leaseback Period of ten (10) years.

Each year is divided into three distinct seasons:

Low Season (LS) comprising January, February March, November and December;

Mid Season (MD) comprising April, May, June, July, September and October;

High Season (HS) comprising the month of August. 

                         A typical example of a stunning 4 Bedroom El Paso Villa at Desert Gold

The use and enjoyment of the property is calculated on a minimum whole weekly basis in accordance with a points system based on the corresponding seasons:

One Week LS = 1 Point              One Week MS = 2 Points               One Week HS = 3 Points

The Owner is entitled to reserve for themselves the use of the property for a minimum period of four (4) weeks and a maximum period of twelve (12) weeks to be taken up 
in whole weekly periods which may be continuously or separately enjoyed in any of the seasons referred to and the number of weeks shall be determined in accordance up to a maximum value of twelve (12) points.

The developer has the right of use of the property for the remaining period of the year.

The villas at Desert Gold range in plot size from 380m2  to 615 m2 and are available at prices starting at €250,000 and €265,000 for a 3 Bedroom & 4 Bedroom Villa respectively.



  •   A complete Furniture, Fixtures and Fittings Pack
  •   Air Conditioning in the living room and bedrooms
  •   Landscape Garden Package
  •   All of the Annual Costs of maintaining the property and the furnishings, equipment and effects in good condition
  •   All Community and Property Management Fees, including the period of use of the property by the Owner
  •   Property Contents Insurance up to €20,000
  •   All costs incurred for use of water, electricity, waste disposal and rubbish collections other than the periods of use of the property by the Owner


  •   An annual fee for the usage of water, electricity, waste disposal and rubbish collection during the periods of their use of the property
  •   The cost of laundry, cleaning and welcome packs required during the periods of the owners use of the property
  •   All costs corresponding to the contracting of electricity water and drainage with the supply companies and with the Municipality for the collection of rubbish and other such contributions including Property Tax (rates), whether national or local and which are incurred annually

Simon Coaker, sales and marketing manager of the Cheltenham-based Almanzora Group, which is selling the villas, commented: 


“In today’s current financial climate, albeit an improving one, the launch of the Villa Leaseback Offer delivers a solution to those buyers looking for a long term and secure way to invest, whilst also being able to enjoy the lifestyle benefits the property provides, with the added bonus of reducing their costs! 


Through Leaseback, buyers not only receive a large discount from the Current Sales Price of the property but also benefit from a host of additional value added benefits, dramatically reducing the additional up front costs as well as all Community and Property Management Fees for the period of the leaseback agreement.


All this, combined with the added comfort in the knowledge that the property is fully managed and maintained by the resorts Property Management Company, provide compelling reasons for serious consideration for those considering purchasing now.”


In accordance with the ‘Property Owners Referral Scheme’ and this specific sales promotion, in the event that a Present Property Owner is the first to introduce a Potential Future Property Owner, who goes on to purchase a property, the reward to the Present Property Owner can vary from €10,000 – €10,800 dependent on which property is purchased.


For Your Use: – To improve the opportunity for loyal owners, in the Privilege Scheme, to benefit from the commission, Playas del Almanzora SL in Spain, also provides a complimentary 3 night Inspection Visit, which Owners can offer to any genuine potential purchaser, providing they are first registered with, and qualified by, The Almanzora Group.  The visit includes accommodation, a tour of the area and the homes for sale, a round of golf and dinner one evening; flights are not included, but are refundable on contract.  


If you have not registered yet then don’t worry, it’s easy to join, simply click here and complete the quick and simple on-line reservation of your participation in the scheme and if you have a friend, family member or colleague who may be interested in purchasing then introduce them to us as soon as possible and as always, we will look after them with propriety and discretion.