Dear Members / Property Owners,

Over summer and autumn we received reports of children playing in bunkers and families taking walks up the fairways during playing hours, persons walking dogs, on the leash and loose, on and fouling the course, cyclists riding on cart tracks, persons extracting balls from water features and gardens, golfers using the course for practice & starting rounds elsewhere than on the first tee etc. Of course the worst perpetrators are often the public. Rarely are they members or residents, however just sometimes they may be; familiarity can sometimes lead to forgetfulness of the usual form and courtesies.

The problems this can cause are obvious: There are real safety issues and serious risks involved in some of these activities, there is the gradual increase in disruption and prejudice to the golfing experience and from the point of view of the Club there is the subtle erosion of its control over its own major asset and its dedication and use for its intended purpose. Finally there are security concerns, about having anyone, known or unknown, wandering about the course after darkness.

Nevertheless, there is no desire to prevent members and residents enjoying the peace and quiet of the landscape and walking the cart paths after play or indeed during play, for example when following play. However, use of the tracks for walks during play is not encouraged as the prime purpose of the tracks is to enable the unimpeded and undisturbed passage of golf carts and golfers. If walking during play it must always be in the same direction as play so that golfers are aware of walkers passing through and in front of them.  Likewise the jogging track is laid out to be used strictly in the direction of play.  Note that whilst golfers are very much aware of players on the fairways and greens in front of them, it is not so easy to spot walkers on the paths, who may well be hidden and are almost certainly so, if walking at random and against the direction of play.

There are therefore some basic common sense rules to be observed in the interests of all parties. It should be understood that whereas some rules are specifically designed for the benefit of Golf Members, players and residents, other rules are equally specifically for the benefit of the Club itself.  All have to be observed and their reasonableness must be the test. Clarity and knowledge of them will enable members and residents to keep an eye open and recognize when members of the public are putting themselves in danger and/or otherwise up to no good!  

First and foremost therefore: 

  • Non playing members of the public are not allowed on the course or tracks at any time except as a guest of a Club Member or accompanied by a member of staff. Club Members, Residents & their Guests may walk along cart tracks before and after playing hours as long as it is light and if necessary during playing hours but only in the direction of play. Young children of Club Members’, Residents’ and Guests’ must be accompanied on the course & tracks; play other than golf is not allowed.
  • Access on to tees, fairways and greens is for golfers only.
  • Use of the jogging track must always be in the direction of play and subject to the applicable rules laid down for its use
  • Golf practice is not allowed on the course at any time; Members are of course able to use the practice area.
  • All players must register at Golf Reception during opening hours before play begins, the night before if necessary. The starting tee is always the 1st, unless a different start point is agreed or designated by Golf Club staff.
  • Privately owned golf buggies are only permitted on the course in accordance with the applicable rules
  • Bicycles are not permitted on the cart tracks, but are welcome elsewhere around the resort and surrounding “caminos”.
  • Pets permitted by their respective communities are allowed on the cart tracks only & must always be on a short leash; in the event of fouling pets on the course or in the bunkers this consent must be withdrawn. Pets are not allowed on other Club premises.
  • Access to the course is not permitted after dark

Once again, please be aware that these rules are vital for the coexistence and respect for all members and property owners at Desert Springs.




For further information contact: José Ignacio Olea
Telephone: +34 637 861 591/2