Ryder Cup Matches

The Club has been asked to issue the following statement made by Philip Lockyer, a member of the Competitions Committee acting on its behalf, explaining the recent decision of that committee and the Club concerning Desert Springs entrants for future Ryder Cup competitions at Desert Springs.

Dear Members,

I am delighted to inform you that following discussions with the committee, the Club has agreed that for those members representing the team of Desert Springs participating in officially organised and recognised Ryder Cup Matches with visiting Clubs, that the respective tournament rounds will be complimentary for Desert Springs members.

The committee would like to thank the Club for their support in this and would encourage all members to apply to play in these matches. We will give the maximum amount of notice for these tournaments in order that travel arrangements etc. can be put in place.



For further information contact: Vice-Captain Philip Lockyer
Email: philip.lockyer@spitfireuk.net
Telephone: +34 627 773 640