Dear Owner or Occupier,

From time to time, we will be issuing this advice to Owners and Occupiers, as it is only too easy to be forgetful and become complacent about security, when on holiday and in Spain.  Here are some useful tips, some simple precautions such as we all observe at home, that will help keep Desert Springs a safe place to be in and prevent it becoming a soft touch for ne’er do wells.

1.  Whenever you leave your home make sure that shutters, windows and doors are closed and locked, including the top and bottom bolts on terrace doors.

2.  Do not leave roadside front doors or garage doors open at all, unless actively using them.

3.  At night, make sure that your shutters, windows and doors are closed and secure.

4.  Never leave your keys in the car, and always lock it.

5.  Do not leave valuable items, nor ladders, nor tools loose or visible in gardens or other external areas.

6.  Try at all times to make the house look as if it is occupied.

  • Leave some lights on in the evening, use an automatic time switch or light bulbs.
  • Remember to make arrangements for outstanding deliveries, before you leave the property for any length of time.
  • Arrange for property management to look after your home and garden and to generally keep an eye on your home while you are away.
  • Never leave valuable and easily transportable items, like computers, video units, where they can be seen through a window of your house or your car.
  • If letting, lock away all items that you do not want others to use; always bearing in mind the things that should remain available for your holiday lessees.
  • Do not leave very high value small items, such as cash or jewellery, in the property at all, unless in a well concealed safe.

7.  If you are ever suspicious of anyone or if you ever become aware of any untoward incident:

  • ALWAYS report it immediately to Community Administration (619 102 927, or 680 432 633) during the day and direct to Security (670 215 809) from 21.00h to 07.00h every night.
  • REMEMBER a rapid reaction will avert not only present incidents, but also future trouble.
  • NEVER let an incident or even a vague suspicion pass unreported.

8.  Make sure that the contents of your home are adequately insured against fire and theft and that any conditions about declaring valuable items, etc. are complied with.

9. Photograph valuable items and the marking methods available, so that your goods can be traced if stolen.

Telephone:(00 34) 619 102 927