Starry Starry Night

Dear All,

On the 9th August, earth people in Almeria should be able to witness a phenomenon known as “la lluvia de estrellas” (The Rainfall of Stars), when a host of falling stars, shooting across the night sky, should be visible from the Almanzora region. 

Did you know that a falling or shooting star is not really a star at all!   When meteors enter into the Earth’s atmosphere, they burn up.  The burning tail produces the falling star effect that we see lighting up the night sky. The Perseid Meteor Shower appears over our privileged part of the world around this time of the year, when the Earth and the Comet Swift-Tuttle cross paths.  The comet leaves a trail of debris following its orbit, and when this debris enters Earth’s atmosphere, the meteor shower starts.  The nearer the Comet is to Earth, the greater the intensity of the shower and number of falling stars. We are delighted therefore to open the Croc’s own Space Observatory to coincide with this very special week.   On the 9th August, from 21.00h, telescopes and star maps will be available on the La Terraza de las Estrellas, The Terrace of the Stars at the Crocodile Club, to make it a great night out for all kids, young and old!   A set menu of Space Provender has been grown by our Astrochef, Steve “Starburner” Pegg and includes specials such as Caelum, Pisces and Pegasus!  Entertainer to the Universe, Kevin “Moonbeam” Moore, will guarantee the ambiance with unearthly, out of this world, tunes such as Moon River, Fly me to the Moon and of course, the Garagalactic  Gallop!  Finally, to complete our heavenly line up, Twinkle Twinkle, the tarot reader, will be on hand to read your stars!

Our Starry Starry Night @ the Croc Club costs 35 Earth €uros for adults and 24 Earth €uros for children. For reservations, please phone 618 609 978 and have your wishes ready!

Beam me up Scotty!!!

For further information contact: Kristina Werner
Tel: +34 618 609 978