The Professional’s Challenge Cup



Dear Member, Owner

We are delighted to announce that The Professional’s Challenge Cup, scheduled to take place on Saturday, 20th July shall revert to its original tournament format.

The format for this year’s tournament will be 4 Ball Better Ball stableford points, promising an exciting and competitive day on the course. It’s an opportunity for all to showcase their skills and enjoy a day of friendly competition.

We are proud to introduce the Professional teams representing Desert Springs Golf Club:

  • Team 1: Simon Coaker and Neil Evans
  • Team 2: Martin D’Archivio and Roy Kullick

As an added twist, all teams whose better ball stableford score exceeds the best Professional Team score will be rewarded with a token prize. Additionally, the team with the highest overall stableford points score will claim the coveted tournament trophy.

This event not only offers a chance to test your mettle against our talented professionals but also promises a day filled with camaraderie, laughter, and we hope – some great golf.

Mark your calendars, organise your playing partner and join us for what promises to be a great day at Desert Springs Golf Club.