The World Handicap System



The WHS has two main components – the Rules of Handicapping and the Course Rating System. The Rules of Handicapping are encompassed within seven Rules to inform administrators and golfers on how an official Handicap Index is calculated and administered, with some flexibility given to national associations based on how the sport is played and enjoyed in their region. The Course Rating System, based on the USGA Course Rating System first adopted nearly 50 years ago and already adopted on nearly every continent, sets out a consistent method of determining a course’s difficulty. Together, these components become the foundational elements in determining a golfer’s Handicap Index.

The Real Federación Española de Golf (RFEG) initially evaluated the Indiana course back in 2012 and have recently completed a full review of the course.

The new tables are now displayed on the notice board within the Club House.

Additionally, Click HERE to view the updated World Handicap System 18-hole table for Men and Ladies on the Indiana course.

For any additional information please contact the Handicap Committee.