Two Time Decathlon Olympic Gold Medalist Daley Thompson Puts Owners And Residents Through Their Paces!

Daley Thompson, two time Decathlon Olympic Gold Medalist and regular visitor to Desert Springs Resort, was on hand once again this year to help Desert Springs Owners and Residents find out just how it feels to be put through their paces!


Daley kindly gave his time at Desert Springs to host, completely free of charge, three separate training sessions on Monday 3rd, Tuesday 4th & Wednesday 5th July, each lasting one and half hours.


This was a unique opportunity to meet and train under the guidance of the World’s greatest ever all-round athlete, in the beautiful and unique surroundings of Desert Springs Resort, and there was no shortage of willing participants wanting to take up the offer!


Participants of all ages and fitness levels met with Daley at The Sierra Sports & Fitness Club, where he proceeded to provide his fitness sessions utilizing the gym, the 18th fairway as well as the Trim Trail with equipped exercise stations.


Daley said of the experience: –

“It’s been really good, we have 10 or 12 people who have really tried hard, and they have been very enthusiastic and they’ve joined in the right kind of spirit. I am not expecting people to become Olympic Champions and we had from beginners to semi – professional footballers.

It’s nice to have different levels because you input different things to different people, and it’s nice to be able to use a little bit of my experience.

When you have a bit of a mix it just makes for a nicer atmosphere because everybody isn’t so serious.

The weather is always brilliant, the gym always available, we have been out on the golf course for a couple of mornings and it has been absolutely fabulous. We spent an hour and a half on the trim trail yesterday, and it was very nice and I look forward to coming back next year.”


Attendee Jacki Fuller remarked:

“Just brilliant! Hard work but fun. I would love more than 3-days!”


Attendee Ross Graham commented:

“Fantastic fitness sessions with the legend that is Daley Thompson! Suitable for all ages and abilities, thanks so much!”


Attendee Anne Keightley commented:

“Another fantastic 3-days, thank you very much, I can’t wait until next year!”


Attendee Leia Poi remarked:

“Tough sessions but great fun! I hope that I can be here next year, thank you very much!


Attendee Glen Stillwell commented:

“I was pushed to limits I never thought I had! A great motivating experience that I can’t wait to do again, thank you!”


Ryan Stillwell said of his experience:

“Such a motivational workout, perfect for my preparations for the upcoming football season. Thoroughly enjoyed it all, thank you!”


George Elliott remarked:

“An extremely enjoyable experience, great variation of workouts that are suitable for everyone, I can’t wait until the next one, thanks so much!”