V RZCC Match Play Golf

The Indiana Course at Desert Springs has been selected to be one of the official courses of the 2008/9 V RACC Match Play Golf Tournament.

The tournament features more than 90 official golf courses throughout Spain with each official course offering a discounted green fee to competitors in the event. At Desert Springs the discount will be a 25% off the Public green fee to those players playing their competition rounds on the Indiana Course. The format of this National event, in which teams from all over Spain compete amongst each other, is match play.

Teams signing up for this event compete in a first phase consisting of a local league of 3 to 5 teams, who play four-ball better ball match play to determine the winner of their league. The winning team automatically advances to Phase 2, while the second and third teams compete in a ‘Play-Off’, with the winning team also advancing to the next phase.

Teams can arrange to play their match play on any course in Spain at any time within the time frame assigned to each phase, receiving the benefit of discounted green fees on official courses for the event, such as Desert Springs.

Phase 1 matches must be played between 29th October 2008 and the 9th February 2009, with team scores submitted to the event organization after each match has been completed. Following completion of phase one, the ‘Play-Offs’ will take place from the 11th February to the 2nd March 2009 and the resulting Classification will be published,

Teams entering Phase 2 will compete to qualify for the grand final, which will be hosted at ‘Port Aventura Golf Club’ on the 23rd and the 24th October, 2009.

Phase 2 comprises 4 eliminatory rounds. After each eliminatory round, only the winning team advances to play the next round. The teams who successfully win through all four eliminatory rounds will go on to the Grand Final, with the tournament organisers covering the players’ costs for flights and hotel accommodation.

Participants must be affiliated to the RFEG with an official handicap and must be at least 18 years old. The Handicap limit for competitions is limited to 25 for Men and 30 for ladies.

The entrance fee for this event is 95€ per team. If you are a RACC or RACVN member, the entrance fee will be 80€ per team.

For full details and online inscription, please visit the official website of the V RACC Match Play Golf Tournament at: www.golf.racc.es

For further information contact: V RACC Match Play Golf website
E-mail: matchplay@aboutsport.org
Web: http://www.golf.racc.es
Telephone: +34 662 146 918