Wildlife at Desert Springs

Desert Springs announces the availability of “A Field Guide to Wildlife at Desert Springs”, a new book by Joël Lodé & Andres Soler Navarro

A Field Guide to Wildlife at Desert Springs


This book of over 430 colour pages introduces the remarkable and extensive wildlife that has sprung up and populated Desert Springs over the past 12 years since its creation; all the more remarkable in view of the extraordinarily harsh and arid climate and the previous mono-culture of the Algarobina plateau.

It explains how this explosion of life came about, the many different habitats that were created, the interdependence of the new eco-systems and the environmental considerations that have informed the creation of the resort, including its use of water. 

Availability and Price:

By personal collection at Desert Springs Resort; Resident, Member and Guest Price: 25€

By post on email application to Wildlife@almanzora.com: 32.5€ (inc. P&P Spain) – £27 (inc. P&P UK)

At select local book stores: Retail Price 35€

In all cases 10% of the purchase price is donated to the Desert Springs Captain’s Charities


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