El Torrente Restaurant to reopen on Saturday, 25th July

Dear Owner and Guest,

We are delighted to announce the reopening of El Torrente restaurant on Saturday, 25th July.

As announced previously, the re-opening of El Torrente coincides with the celebration of the introduction of our new Head Chef Sergio Rodriguez.

Sergio brings to the restaurant more than 12 years’ experience cooking in some of Irelands’ most highly acclaimed Michelin starred restaurants in the city of Galway, Aniar and Loam, learning from a succession of legendary chefs that include Ultan Cooke and Enda McEvoy. Through them he learnt a respect for 0KM cuisine, following a philosophy that is committed promoting the recovery and use of local, organic products, as well as the rejection of GMOs.

Sergio has already made his mark on El Torrente’s menu, with a focus on carefully sourced local produce and Spanish classics with a playful, contemporary twist. The seasonally changing menu is made up of a selection of plates, allowing guests to enjoy the full range of Sergio’s flavours.

Sergio says of his appointment: “This is a very exciting role for me – Spanish culture is the inspiration behind so much of my food. Collaborating with local vendors, using seasonal produce, and delivering traditional recipes with a touch of haute cuisine is what our guests can expect to experience.”

In accordance with the gradual return to business, below are our new opening hours at El Torrente Restaurant.

Wednesday to Saturday from 17.00hrs. – 24.00hrs;

  • Tables for dinner available from 18.00hrs. – 23.00hrs.

Sunday 12.00hrs. – 16.00hrs. – 19.00hrs. – 23.00hrs.;

  • Tables for lunch available from 13.00hrs. – 15.30hrs.
  • Tables for dinner available from 19.00hrs. – 22.00hrs.

Monday and Tuesday – Closed

The health and welfare of our owners, members, staff and visitors is as always, our number one priority.

The reopening of El Torrente restaurant will adhere to the exacting compliance of all guidelines set by the governmental health authorities, and in order to offer our patrons the safest possible experience, there are several points that we wish to emphasize:

  1. Dinner tables must be reserved to guarantee a comfortable service without crowds. We have made available a new online booking service on our website to make the whole process easier for you.
  2. All staff will wear a mask. We shall have an operative dedicated to cleaning and disinfecting both prior to and during service in the restaurant.
  3. Food and drinks will always be served at the table. Orders should always be placed at your table.
  4. The menu will be available on our website and we will provide QR codes to allow you to easily view them on your mobile device.
  5. We have reorganised our table layout to ensure there is 2m between them and we have extended the corridors to reach the outside ‘Deck’ while maintaining the necessary social distance.
  6. For your convenience our Takeaway menu is also available online. Orders must be placed by calling the restaurant at (+34) 950 091 546. We will provide you a with a ‘Pick-Up Time’ as well as a designated area to collect your order.
  7. We encourage you to pay by credit card, preventing the use of physical cash as much as possible.

Notwithstanding these measures, we wish to ensure that El Torrente remains a venue for you to meet with friends and family, and to creating great memories. That is why we will continue to celebrate the infamous ‘Social Roll-Up’, however an open-air version to ensure your welfare, located in the patio of the Club House every Friday commencing at 19:00hrs.

I am also pleased to announce a programme of ‘live music performances’ every Saturday during the month of August, from 20:00hrs. – 23:00hrs. in the Club House garden.

Many of you will have observed an increased level of activity within our social media channels, in particular our Facebook and Instagram accounts whereby they are utilised to communicate new developments and announcement of events etc. at the resort. If you have not followed us yet, then do so now to keep up with the news as it happens!

Finally, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your kind messages received during this period and we very much look forward to welcoming you back to Desert Springs in the near future.


For further information contact:

Adriá Palomeras
+34 950 091 539