• From: Les Kennady
  • Date: Wednesday 22nd February, 2012
  • Subject:

Les Kennady reporting on his group of 3 golfers stay in a two bedroom Colonial Apartment at the Desert Springs Resort which included 6 rounds on The Indiana course between 6th – 13th February, 2012.

Hi Jennie,

I would just like to say thanks to everyone at Almanzora for our recent break at Desert Springs, as always we thoroughly enjoyed it.

We’re planning another trip for October this year and I would like to get some costs together if possible.  

Your recent letter referring to the 5% discount for return visits served as a timely reminder!

Kind regards,

Les Kennady

  • From: Jose Ignacio Olea, Golf Operations Manager at Desert Springs Resort & Golf Club.
  • Date: Monday 20th February, 2012
  • Subject:

I met with Jeremy Bennet, Golf Instructor of the Golf Union of Wales, for an informal meeting to receive his feed-back on how he felt the Golf Union of Wales female squad warm weather winter training camp at Desert Springs held between Tuesday 14th – Tuesday 21st February, 2012 had gone.


Golf Union of Wales Female Squad Winter Training Camp at Desert Springs

(Jose) How did you find Desert Springs after your last visit?  
(Jeremy) Excellent as before. Desert Springs is very well known for maintaining top standards year round.

(Jose) Were the practice facilities / golf course / staff service appropriate?
(Jeremy) The golf course was in great condition, and the practice facilities were superb as always. The staff couldn´t be more helpful, they were simply excellent!

(Jose) How could we improve your experience?
(Jeremy) Nothing to add really.

(Jose) Why is Desert Springs the selected venue for your Squad?
(Jeremy) During several years in the golf industry I have tried and tested various venues. Desert Springs has all the ingredients that we need for a proper Training Camp.

(Jose) Would you recommend Desert Springs to others?
(Jeremy) No doubt. Anyone coming to Desert Springs for Golf Training would be pleased with his/her selection.

Jeremy Bennet
Golf Coach, Golf Union of Wales
Find out more about the Golf Union of Wales: golf_union_of_wales_new_logo.png

  • From: David Wheeler - Hampshire PGA
  • Date: Friday 17th February, 2012
  • Subject:

David Wheeler reporting on the Hampshire PGA visit on the 6th February, 2012.

Dear Sir/Madam,

I wanted to thank everyone at Desert Springs for the warm and attentive welcome extended to the Hampshire PGA party on Monday 6th February.

Everyone enjoyed the day and I hope that our Overseas Pro-Am will return to Desert Springs in the near future.

Many thanks once again.

David Wheeler
Hampshire PGA

  • From: Paul Clarke
  • Date: Tuesday 14th February, 2012
  • Subject:

Paul Clarke reporting on his group of 4 golfers stay in a four bedroom Country Cottage at the Desert Springs Resort & Golf Club which included 7 rounds on The Indiana course and their experience between 27th January, 2011 – 4th February, 2012.

Hi Sandra

Thanks for the email.

We all thought that the staff made our vacation (and of-course the golf course).

They all made us feel very welcome and gave the right level of attention.

The food was very nice too!

I look forward to the day when I’m driving past the orange trees on my way to the resort.

Hope to see you again soon.


  • From: Tracey, El Pueblito de Alfaix To: Ellie Hunter, Supervisor at El Torrente
  • Date: Tuesday 7th February, 2012
  • Subject:

Email of thanks from El Pueblito de Alfaix for a Lunch attended by a party of their guests in ‘El Torrente’ Restaurant at the Desert Springs Resort.

Hi Ellie,

Many thanks for providing such a lovely welcome and meal for our guests.

They thoroughly enjoyed it and have asked that we include Desert Springs on the itinerary for next year’s visit.

The bondholders were here on the site enjoying a Bridge theme week and will be returning next year in March time.

Many thanks once again,

El Pueblito de Alfaix

  • From: Tanja Slater
  • Date: Saturday 14th January, 2012
  • Subject:

Tanja Slater, former Triathlete and GB Team cyclist, brought her Up & Active holiday group to Desert Springs over the New Year holidays.

Hi Daniel,

I would like to thank you for your help with our stay at Desert Springs over New Year; we were the cycling group.  Thanks for helping us with the Internet connection over the week and we all really enjoyed the stay and New Year at the Crocodile Club.  The group had a great time and a fun and relaxing stay with sport of course! We hope to bring a bigger group next year as we had such a good time.

I just wanted to pass on that Dimitry really made our week. We have a great most nights in the Crocodile club and he was always friendly, looked after us and made sure we had everything we needed. He would talk with us but also left us to talk with ourselves as well.

Ellie also looked after us at the restaurant and made us welcome and managed to fit us in late when the restaurant was full.

Hope to see you again as I am back in February.

Tanja Slater
Founder of Up & Active Training Camps

Find out more about Up & Active.com: upandacive_logo.png

  • From: Lynne Taylor To: Karen Kelliher at the Day Spa
  • Date: Saturday 14th January, 2012
  • Subject:

Following the “Bubbles & Bubbles” Day Spa break during the Golf 4 Women Winter Golf Festival, November 14th-19th, 2011

Dear Karen,

We had a great ‘Bubbles & Bubbles’ day at the Spa, chatting in the hot tub, drinking champagne in the warm sunny secluded garden talking through the previous days rounds of golf and then Karen massaging away the aches and pains. We enjoyed the pampering time so much that we have already booked our day when we return to Desert Springs in November.

Lynne Taylor – Captain of the Silverettes Golf Team

  • From: Denise Cooley To: Karen Kelliher of the Day Spa @ Desert Springs
  • Date: Thursday 12th January, 2012
  • Subject:

Following a Bubble & Bubbles Christmas Pamper at the Day Spa with her daughters Victoria & Charlotte (a Christmas gift from Denise to her daughters).

Hello Karen,

Happy New year!

Just wanted to thank you for our lovely Bubbles and Bubbles Experience! We so enjoyed it…

It was my second visit to the Spa as having enjoyed the experience with my elder daughter in April, we decided to spoil ourselves again at Christmas after the festivities, bringing my other Daughter too.

I believe that this is going to become a family ritual when the girls come to stay!

It is such good value for money in lovely surroundings, how could we not wish to relive the experience!

Thank you again and see you soon!

Best regards, Denise Cooley, Albox

  • From: Robin & Loraine Martin
  • Date: Monday 9th January, 2012
  • Subject:

Email of thanks from Robin & Loraine Martin who attended the Christmas Day Lunch at ‘El Torrente’ restaurant at the Desert Springs Resort.

Dear Ellie

Thanks very much for your warm wishes and the great Christmas day you gave us at El Torrente, we and our guests enjoyed our meal and the great atmosphere you and your staff created.

We look forward to visiting Desert Springs again very soon.

Warm Regards

Robin and Loraine Martin

  • From: Robert & Nicky Holmes
  • Date: Friday 6th January, 2012
  • Subject:

Email of thanks from Robert & Nicky Holmes who attended the New Years Eve Dinner at ‘El Torrente’ restaurant at the Desert Springs Resort.

Dear Ellie

Many thanks for your email … It was great to see you as always.

Nicky and I had a great time thanks to you and the wonderful team that looked after us on New Years eve !

We thought you did a fab job as usual … It makes it all worthwhile for us to
visit Desert Springs as often as possible.

Looking forward to seeing you soon.

Rob and Nicky x

  • From: Gary Phillips
  • Date: Friday 6th January, 2012
  • Subject:

Email of thanks from Gary Phillips who attended the New Years Eve Dinner at ‘El Torrente’ restaurant at the Desert Springs Resort.


The thanks are due to you and the team for making our visit so much fun ..it was really great.

The whole family really appreciated all your efforts.

Happy 2012 to you too.

By the way do you have to call me Mr Phillips ? I much prefer Gary !


Gary Phillips

  • From: David James
  • Date: Wednesday 4th January, 2012
  • Subject:

David James reporting on his group of 8 golfers stay in four luxury colonial apartments at the Desert Springs Resort & Golf Club and their experience between 30th December, 2011 – 4th January, 2012

Dear Carmen,

Our second New Year visit to Desert Springs was very successful and we
thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

Can you please pass on our thanks to all the staff for the excellent job
they did in looking after us both on the course and off.

Thank you for all the help in the booking process and we all hope to
return next year.

Feliz ano nuevo.

David James

  • From: Various guests at Desert Springs
  • Date: Sunday 1st January, 2012
  • Subject:

Comments received within a ‘Thank You’ card from various guests who attended a number of organised social events at the Desert Springs Resort over the Christmas and New Year period.

To Ellie and her team,
Many thanks for all the hard work and effort you and your team have put in to make Christmas and New Year festivities the success they have been.
Jim Kendall

Great Job Ellie and Team.
What a great time was had by all X
Thank you
Sue Kendall

A great time was had by all.
Many thanks for all your hard work.
John and Jo Gill

Thanks to all you hard work we had a great time. You have a first class team of very special people – they make this a very special place.
Thank you.
Richard and Liz Farmer

Thanks for looking after me!!
As ever love Jim XX

  • From: Brian Whittington
  • Date: Friday 30th December, 2011
  • Subject:


Happy New Year

Can I thank you and your staff for a lovely Xmas day lunch; the meal
and service was excellent. I look forward to dining with you again when
I return early in the New Year.

I hope you all have a very happy and prosperous New Year.

Regards Brian

  • From: Valerie Ross
  • Date: Wednesday 28th December, 2011
  • Subject:

Following Christmas Day & Lunch at Desert Springs Resort.

Dear Ellie,

How remiss of us not to have e mailed you sooner to thank you and your staff for making our Christmas Day so enjoyable. The food was excellent, the atmosphere great and the staff, as always so pleasant and helpful.

As we told you, our plans for next Christmas are to visit our family in New Zealand, so hope to see you in 2013!! Although no doubt we will see you on our frequent visits to Desert Springs for golf.
Happy New Year

Gordon & Val Ross

  • From: Elisa Leon De Arce
  • Date: Friday 23rd December, 2011
  • Subject:

Email of thanks from the Administration staff of UTE Veragallardo (AVE) for their Christmas Lunch held in ‘El Torrente’ restaurant at the Desert Springs Resort on the 22nd of December 2011.

Good morning Ellie!

Firstly I would like to thank you for the quality of the service and the food that we had yesterday, we were all very happy.

The only problem is that we forgot to ask you for an invoice.

I have sent the company details, please email it to me.

Thank you for everything and we hope to return soon.

Happy holidays and a prosperous new year.
Dto. Administración

  • From: Vanesa Morales Dorado
  • Date: Thursday 22nd December, 2011
  • Subject: Maya Charlton Morales 3rd Birthday Party held at the Crocodile Club

Good afternoon Ellie,

I would like to thank you for a wonderful and well organised birthday party held at the Crocodile Club, for my daughter Maya Charlton Morales.

At only three years of age, I’m sure she has experienced an unforgettable day together with her twenty-one little friends!

The food, the service and the decoration were worthy of a princess- all pink and Hello Kitty themed as I requested. The smiling faces and kind attitude of all the staff from the minute the guests started arriving until they left, were to a standard that is very difficult to find nowadays! Even one of your waiters, Dimitri, offered to entertain a group of twenty-two three year olds after the hired professional entertainers had finished! Such a nice touch!

Most of the mothers who attended will be contacting you very soon to organise the birthday party of their own children, as they were pleasantly surprised with both the atmosphere created and how well organised everything was! This shows how “word of mouth” is the best marketing and advertising tool! (This comment came from myself and other parents who are professionals and work in this area)

My most sincere congratulations to all the Crocodile Club team!

Best regards and good luck! Keep up the good work!

Vanesa Morales Dorado

  • From: Linda Kendall
  • Date: Tuesday 29th November, 2011
  • Subject: The 'Golf 4 Women' Ladies Winter Golf Festival Sunday 13th – Saturday 19th, 2011

Dear Peter,

I hope you are well.

Just a very quick line to bring to your attention the magnificent effort Nacho/Natasha put in in organising the recent Ladies Winter Golf Festival. He really did enter into the spirit of the occasion and won lots of admiration for both his tack and diplomacy in “managing” 40 strong willed, opinionated women” (no mean feat”) – but also in generally “working the crowd”.

The ladies from other Clubs were very impressed by his approach and attitude and he/she is to be commended for his/her effort in trying to keep everyone happy all of the time.  He/she certainly did “above and beyond” in dressing up in drag for both the social events and I think we all saw a side of him/her that has not previously manifest itself!  

Essentially he/she won lots of new friends andsupporters – male and female alike – and his/her effort should be recognised by the management of Desert Springs. We are all too quick to criticize but praise where praise is due!

I think I speak for a number of the Lady members when I say that we were all concerned that this very special week in the calendar would not be the same post Christine’s departure but, thanks to Nacho, to a significant extent our fears have been allayed.

Best wishes.

Linda Kendall

  • From: Steve Parry
  • Date: Saturday 19th November, 2011
  • Subject:

2004 Athens Olympics 200m Bronze Medallist Butterfly Swimmer, Reporting on his stay at the Desert Springs Resort & Golf Club between 16th – 19th November, 2011


Steve Parry enjoying his golfing break at Desert Springs

As an avid golfer I have been fortunate enough to have played a lot of golf at many different Golf Resorts throughout Spain. I have to say that my experience at Desert Springs has been by far the best!

The Indiana Course offers a great golfing challenge and is maintained to the highest of standards.

In my opinion and from my own personal experience, the golf is only surpassed by the customer service which was excellent at all times.


Steve Parry with his 2004 Athens Olympic Bronze Medal

The Accommodation at The Lodge at Desert Springs is first class with excellent facilities throughout the resort and I am looking forward to returning again soon with more of my friends!

Best wishes


  • From: Juan Antonio Reverte, on behalf of the Lorca Earthquake Charity Tournament To: José Ignacio Olea
  • Date: Monday 14th November, 2011
  • Subject:


Desert Springs embraced the charity initiative “Golf for Lorca”

On Sunday, November 13, 2011, the golf competition was held in the wonderful Indiana Course at Desert Springs. The event was filled with 84 entries, but eventually were 74 players / as those who enjoyed the praises of this wonderful and perfectly manicured golf course. After golf, the Prize Presentation was held at the Crocodile Club, together with an extraordinary catering offered by the Event Sponsor.

From Lorca Golf Club we have only words of thanks for all the participants to this tournament, as well as Insurance Ruiz Ré, as a sponsor, and Desert Springs who supported our initiative of the “Golf for Lorca” day.

Many thanks.

Juan Antonio Reverte